A new standard in produce transparency.

Our smart-farm technology platform allows us to trace every step in our growing process, meaning you can too. The Square Roots Transparency Timeline connects you with your local Square Roots farm, introduces you to the farmers who grew your greens, and shows you the complete journey your food takes from seed to shelf.



Where do I find my lot number?

Look at the back of your Square Roots package to find the 8-digit lot number on the white label.

Trace your greens from seed to shelf.

With our Square Roots Transparency Timeline, you can put a face and a farm to your local greens. Simply scan the QR code or type in the 8-digit lot number on the back of your package to see where, how, and who grew your food, and eat easy knowing it is as fresh as it gets.

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Your basil timeline

Our basil is harvested and delivered to stores within hours, so you can enjoy tastier, fresher greens for weeks.

  • STEP 1


    Your Non-GMO Verified basil was planted at your closest Square Roots farm in Wyoming, Michigan on December 15.

    Image for Seeding
  • STEP 2


    Once fully grown using optimal growing conditions and without pesticides, Square Roots farmer Taylor picked your basil on January 13.

    Image for Harvest
  • STEP 3


    Taylor placed your basil in a PET #1, recyclable container and refrigerated it on January 13, preserving its freshness.

    Image for Packing
  • STEP 4


    Your basil was delivered to your local store on January 15, maximizing freshness and nutrients compared to produce that is often shipped from thousandsof miles away.

    Image for Delivery
  • STEP 5


    Once finished enjoying your greens, simply recycle your container to put it into reuse.

    Image for Recycle